Blogger Names Knife Rollup Kit #1 Survival Product at OR Winter 2013

Blogger Names Knife Rollup Kit #1 Survival Product at OR Winter 2013

12 Survivors™ Earns First Place in Top 10 Survival Products

(Mansfield, Texas) –12 Survivors™ received significant recognition for the Knife Rollup Kit, one of the first products to be released by 12 Survivors. It was a major success at the 2013 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bryon Dorr, founder of, rated the knife kit as the top outdoor survival product at the show.

“The 12 Survivors Knife Rollup Kit is quite a value,” Dorr said. “Not only do you get a solid selection of tools and knives, but you also get an incredibly well-designed, durable tool roll. The internal MOLLE system and large Velcro pockets are what really set this product apart—a perfect addition to any 4x4 or overland vehicle.”

The rollup kit is equipped with a variety of tools for survival in any outdoor situation: a fixed blade knife, a folding knife, a hand axe and a multi-tool. Compact but versatile, the multi-tool consists of a small and large flathead screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, a knife, a saw, needle nose pliers, a file, an awl and a can/bottle opener.

Complete with robust, snap-button straps, the kit can easily be attached to the exterior of existing gear, providing additional pack space for belongings and convenient access to the kit. Each piece is secured in thick, snap button flaps, protecting the value of the tools and ensuring user safety.